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Benefits of Independence

We know how much you've invested in your business.
Now imagine what you could do with a partner who invests that much in you.

Keep what
you earn

When you run your own firm, you determine your payout; you keep 100% of your revenue. Over time, you also build equity in your business that you can sell or pass down to family when the time is right.

Choose your

You create your structure, how and where you work, and the culture of your office. You make the decisions on what direction to take your business in, what your mission is and which clients you work with.

Serve your clients’
best interests

As your own advisory firm, you have complete autonomy over the products and services you offer clients, and provide a higher standard of care to act always in their best interest.

Take control
of your success

When you run your business, no one else is writing the rules. You have the freedom to surround yourself with the people who best fit your needs, and build the capabilities that are most important to you.


Start your own business or join another firm?

We can help you think through what’s right for your business based on your passions, experience, strengths, and client needs, as well as your personal and professional goals. If starting out on your own isn’t your vision, you can still chart your own path by joining an existing firm.

Joining an established firm makes it easier to get up and running. You don’t have to create the infrastructure, implement processes, establish a compliance program, or any other start-up tasks. We know firms looking for the right partners and we are happy to make the introductions.

Financial Implications

The financial implications of independence are unique to your individual situation: your location, your clients, your financial plan. There is no one right answer, or one-size-fits-all plan. That’s why we will work with you to understand all the trade offs and implications, both in the short term and long term.

For many advisors, moving away from a grid based revenue culture to one where you control your P&L and bottom line is a significant shift. We can help ensure that you have the systems in place to manage effectively and make the right investments to get your business up and running.

Getting the right answers starts with asking the right questions.

We know what is involved in going Independent, and we can help you make the decision that’s right for you by walking you through the many aspects that you need to consider — and showing you how our PAS ecosystem addresses them.


How you create and manage your value proposition is just the beginning when it comes to developing your brand. We can help you with the key activities, including developing collateral, managing ongoing contact, and creating presence in your community.

Operating Model

Once you've developed your client value proposition, you need to think about your operating model. How do you segment clients, build your business processes, and manage staff responsibilities? We will help you develop and implement a model that is both profitable and efficient.


Having a reliable compliance solution is foundational to your success as an independent practice. Do you want to do your own oversight, or partner with an external firm? What records and information do you need? How do you get licensed? We can help you stay on top of regulations.


The right technology will help you deliver next-level client service, improve workflow, and increase profitability. What tools are available? How do you get staff up to speed? We have spent time finding and integrating the best-in-class technology stack, and we provide training and support to get your team ready to take advantage of it.


To be successful as an independent practice, your need the best team supporting you. What is the right level of staffing and roles and how do you lead them? Looking carefully at your practice vision and structure, we will help you find the right staffing levels and systems to manage them.

Facilities & Real Estate

Your infrastructure needs to fit you, your clients, and your financial needs. Where should you locate and what is the right level of expense? Are you comfortable managing the investments, and what alternatives do you have? Our team will ensure you have considered all aspects of your facilities before making a decision.

Making the Move

Here are the steps we take to help ensure Purpose Advisor Solutions is right for you and your business before you make the move:

Step 1: Plan

Before you decide to work with Purpose Advisor Solutions, we’ll work with you to determine if it’s the right move for you and your clients.

We’ll help guide your decision in four key ways:

Initial Call

An initial phone conversation to learn about our platform and what we do.

Discovery Calls

An in-depth dialogue, typically over the course of multiple sessions and covering a variety of topics to help us understand you better.

Compliance Guide

A detailed compliance discussion regarding your book of business.

Follow-up Call

Additional calls with our team to ensure we’ve answered all your questions.

Step 2: Transition

Once you’ve made your decision, our expert team will guide you through a seamless transition process.

We provide resources to help ensure your clients are taken care of, including a customized transition plan, marketing communications to announce your move, and technology that’s ready to use on day one. We will also develop a 90 day plan and work with you to anticipate any issues, and provide tools to ease and accelerate the onboarding of your clients.

Step 3: Grow

Beyond transition we will work with you to grow your business for long-term success.

Support doesn’t end when your clients are onboarded. Helping advisors grow and scale their business is the heart of what we do. We continue to build out tools and support to allow you to scale your practice while building equity in your business.

Keep pace with an evolving investment landscape.

Contact us to discover the value of our culture, our mission, and our unique approach to helping advisors prosper.

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